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UAL Ops Frequency?

Mon Jun 28, 1999 9:32 am

Hello to all-

Can anyone tell me what United's operations frequency is? I'm looking for the one on which the pilot communicates to the airport before landing and after takeoff, reporting ETA's and other pertinent info. Thanks!

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RE: UAL Ops Frequency?

Mon Jun 28, 1999 10:47 am

UA has several ops freqs, not just one. There's a Gatekeeper, which is the one you refer to, and Special Assist, and Maintenance, and Passenger Services, etc. I wonder if anyone knows all these for the ORD hub?
Delta727- I think the ops freqs vary per city, so you'll hafta specify which city you're interested in in order to get the correct freq. Later...
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RE: UAL Ops Frequency?

Mon Jun 28, 1999 10:57 am

I'd like to know Denver's for my scanner if anybody has the info.
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I Have The Nation Wide Frequency

Mon Jun 28, 1999 11:17 am

United airlines nation wide freg is 129.3 Thanks flying_727
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