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764 Raked/Horizontal Winglets

Sat Sep 08, 2001 10:25 am

Why does the 764 have this? What is the advantage over normal winglets?

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RE: 764 Raked/Horizontal Winglets

Sat Sep 08, 2001 10:36 am

It's basically an extension of the wing. When Boeing was developing the 764, they had considered a slight lengthening of the wing with a conventional winglet. Then the engineers discovered the raked wingtip was more beneficial. It performed the same aerodynamic skills and actually reduced the wingspan of the 764 to it's current dimention.
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RE: 764 Raked/Horizontal Winglets

Sat Sep 08, 2001 4:37 pm

Another reason for the raked winglet is so that they can be parked in the same amount of space as earlier series 767, at least in terms of wingspan, I know that at some gates @ ATL, the tails of the 767-400s are nearly in the apron roads that run behind the gates.

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