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Flying Tigers 727s

Sun Sep 09, 2001 2:24 am

Although perhaps best known for their use of 747s and DC-8s, Flying Tigers also operated a fleet of 727s in the 1980s. I remember a daily 727 to San Diego in the mid-1980s before the company was taken over by Fedex. Could someone please provide information about the size of the Flying Tigers 727 fleet and tell me something about the history and role of the company? I'd also appreciate some information on their 707 fleet. Many thanks.

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RE: Flying Tigers 727s

Sun Sep 09, 2001 2:36 am

I can't tell you too much about FT's 727s, except they were all second-hand aircrafts. Most were ex-AA's -100 series. However, regarding their 707s, FT had seven total, all -320Cs. Four were -349C, one -348C, one -358C & one -399C. All the 707s were gone by April 1969. I'll have to do some research regarding the 727s. Regards.
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RE: Flying Tigers 727s

Sun Sep 09, 2001 3:10 am

When in 1989 Flying Tigers was taken over by FedEx, FedEx got 11 B727s.
That's the information I found in jp airline fleets 1990/91, no idea how many 727s Flying Tigers operated before the takeover by FedEx.