Airline Hiring

Mon Jun 28, 1999 10:52 pm

I am curious as to which US airlines are currently hiring.
I would also like to know:
How many are they hiring and at what rate?
What are competitive qualifications?
What are their interview process like?
What is the reason for the hiring? (attrition, expansion etc.)
And, if you have currently interviewed, I am interested in the "pep" talk they gave you at the interview. What did they tell you to get you excited about the co.

PS- For the gentleman that said he got hired by US Airways in the 737 next month - US Airways will allow you to "bid" on your equipment and domicile at the end of the first week of class. This is based on current vacancies in the system. You could be in anything from an F100 in CLT to a 757 in PIT. All depends on your age/seniority ranking within your class. You wont find out your aircraft/domicile until the end of the first week of indoc when these results are posted.
Good luck in school!