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F-18 Hornet At AUS

Mon Sep 10, 2001 6:33 am

I was spotting at AUS today at the spotters area, and I got a nice surprise. First I should say that planes were taking off from the opposite end of the runway than they normally do, meaning they were in the air by the time that they reached the spotters area as opposed to starting their takeoff run. So i'm sitting there when I heard a very loud jet engine, but I could not see the aircraft on the runway, because of it's small size and distance from me. As it came into view, I thought it was some sort of small private jet, but as it lifted off I saw what it really was, a silver f-18 hornet. It was amazing, it seems like the pilot was either having some fun or showing off a little. He took off with afterburners, which looked amazing with the fire coming out of the back of the aircraft, but seemed unnescessary on a runway long enough to be used by 737s and other larger aircraft. After he was airborn, while still flying fairily low over the runway he banked the plane sharply to the left over the airport, then sharply to the right towards the spotters area, then the plane went straight up into the sky and disappeared. I must also add that this was the loudest plane I have ever heard. I'm sure it had to do with the afterburners, but it was absolutely deafining. Just thought i'd share the experience with all of you, this is only the second time i've seen a fighter jet in action so close. Any thoughts or comments welcome.