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Air Transat - Sparks

Mon Sep 10, 2001 6:01 pm

Check out this picture of the main gear of the A330 which made a no-engine landing in the Azores. Can you imagine the spectacular shower of sparks as the wheels were actually ground down?

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RE: Air Transat - Sparks

Mon Sep 10, 2001 9:06 pm

I think I read somewhere that the tires actually *exploded* (not only burst) at the moment when it hit terra firma. Anyway, of course it's gonna be a hard landing. They can't control the sink rate as they do when the engines are still working.
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RE: Air Transat - Sparks

Tue Sep 11, 2001 2:59 am

check out more pictures at

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RE: Air Transat - Sparks

Tue Sep 11, 2001 10:16 am

tires? exploded? They must have been using Firestone tires to cut corners...  Big grin

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