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NY Times Reports On Transat Aftermath

Tue Sep 11, 2001 4:14 am

More on the aftermath of the dead-sticked A330 into the Azores.

It's a front page story...go to NYTIMES.com...but be warned you have to register (for free) to get access to the story.

It tells of how, among other things, the ram-air-turbine apparently supplied just enough power to keep the plane at least semi-controllable, how there was no electricity to run the cabin PA system and ditching instructions had to be shouted, and how the Captain estimates the touchdown speed on the runway was almost 300 miles per hour!

Sadly, it also points out that the Airbus captain is now in hiding and how much of the blame for the incident is being dropped in his lap. Together with a mention how both Airbus and Rolls Royce officials are stumbling over themselves to say the incident was not something that should have happened, that redundant systems should have backed everything up.

It also mentions how travel agents are reporting huge numbers of cancellations on Air Transat.

Good read! Even a mention of Gimli's Glider!