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UFO Sightings By Pilots

Tue Jun 29, 1999 6:08 am

Yesterday evening there was a program on TLC that talked about UFO sightings by pilots, and also interviewed a bunch of pilots. They had some good air-to-air shots of a Delta 767-300, a Lufthansa A310, & a lufthansa 320. It will probably be repeated again on TLC sometime soon as all their programs are (so you might want to watch out for it just in case you are interested).

So anyway, just out of curiosity, what is the general opinion of forum members on UFO? Any of you pilots out there seen one?
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RE: UFO Sightings By Pilots

Tue Jun 29, 1999 6:21 am

First of all, this is a very interesting topic. There are lots of stories of pilots and UFO sightings.

A friend of mine's dad was a pilot for the Brazilian Air Force, and one day, the alarm sounded and they scrambled to intercept an unidentified object, they broke the sound barrier very close to the city of Rio de Janeiro, and they had the object in their radar scopes. They saw a light up front and then suddenly, it was gone. Gone from not only the aircraft radars, but also, the ground controller radars. So that was a mystery nobody explained yet.

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RE: UFO Sightings By Pilots

Tue Jun 29, 1999 11:22 am

I myself have never seen one, but two guys I work with were coming back from a trip late one night and they saw a large, green, glowing object hovering over the airport. As they got closer it zoomed out of their view plane in about a seconds time. They were not the type to make up things and they were completely normal people. They were also extremely shaken by the incident.

RE: UFO Sightings By Pilots

Tue Jun 29, 1999 10:32 pm

I was taking off at night from Peterborough ontario one time and on the crosswind leg at about 700ft I saw a white light, which usually means that an another airplane is coming towards you, except it was moving from left to right side and then it disappeared.

There wasn't any other lights on this thing.
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RE: UFO Sightings By Pilots

Wed Jun 30, 1999 2:53 pm

I think all these reports of UFOs are quite rediculas. If an alien wanted to make contact wouldn't it have done so without zooming away. I am sure all of you saw something, but I can bet dollars to donuts it was not a UFO.