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A310 Off Rny In MNL

Tue Jun 29, 1999 6:32 am

Anybody have any info or links to pics about this incident? I know that it was a/c N420FE and there was damage to both engines and the nose gear area.


RE: A310 Off Rny In MNL

Tue Jun 29, 1999 10:51 am

Found this article at http://news.airwise.com/airport news.html

Manila Airport Closed By Fedex Overshoot

June 28, 1999

A Federal Express Corp. Airbus cargo plane overshot the Manila airport runway Monday June 28, narrowly missing crashing into a concrete perimeter wall next to a busy highway, and forcing
closure of the airport to wide-bodied aircraft. No one was reported hurt.

Officials said the plane struck and knocked out the airport's instrument landing system - an array of antennae at the end of the runway. Five flights coming into Manila were immediately diverted and several outgoing flights delayed. The runway was not expected to be cleared until 5:00 p.m. local time, officials said.

Workers using jacks and heavy equipment worked in the rain to try to dislodge the A310 from the mud so that it could be towed away. The plane's two engines appeared to have been heavily
damaged and the tip of its nose had caved in, officials said.

The Airbus A310 sank into a grassy area at the end of the 10,000-foot runway while landing in the rain, but its crewmen were unhurt, air transportation assistant secretary Jacinto Ortega said.

Acting airport manager Alfredo Patricio said initial information he
had received from witnesses suggested that the plane "was
coming in too fast" while landing but that this should be clarified
after the plane's flight data recorder had been studied.

The plane, carrying dry cargo, had originated from San Francisco,
California and had stopped off at Cebu before flying into Manila.