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National Security

Wed Sep 12, 2001 1:38 am

In the cold war era not too long ago, our biggest fear was of a nuclear holocaust. Widespread devastation. No one was safe from the nuclear bomb.

Today is an age of unprecedented technology and information; the so-called 'information age'. Terrorism is the primary threat. It is made possible precisely by the advances in technology that make information readily available to the world at large.

In the very aftermath of these catastrophic, tragic, and indeed--unbelievable events, the most unsettling aspect is that we are not sure of one thing:


In the most notorious of American tragedies, Pearl Harbor at least knew who to blame. The cold war saw a confusing game of espionage clouding the big picture of what was actually happening. Now, our powers are useless against a terrorist enemy.

With so many terrorist groups running around, it is hard to pin down responsibility. No doubt it is a terrorist action, and no doubt people will blame Osama Bin Laden. But we have no confirmation.

Attacks won't be large, nuclear fallouts... they will be small, specific; and they will be coordinated attacks of utter destruction.

What is to be done in this investigation???

Come what may, may God help us all.