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Missle Defence Or Terrorism..hmmmm

Wed Sep 12, 2001 2:30 am

Maybe this will wake up the very complacent US Government and make them face the reality that terrorist attacks are far more likely and deadly than the possibility of a missle from North Korea every even getting off the ground, much less built at all.

Missle defense if politically popular and creates jobs, terrorism is much more real, much more a threat and has now touched every one of us.

To all you jerks (not Airliners.net folks of course) who throw fits at airline ticket counters and security check points when asked for ID or when they have to have their bags checked- Its going to get alot worse now, expect to get everything searched and expect it to inconvenience you alot more. I hope it does inconvenience people, security is a real concern and what we saw today was proof that ID checks and FAA required questions do little or nothing to protect our airliners and passengers.