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More Aspects Of This Terrorist Message

Wed Sep 12, 2001 7:57 am

The date... 9/11...

- Anniversary of Camp David Peace Accords (remember when Netanyahu and Arafat hugged?)

- September 12 was the day WWII commenced

- 911 is probably just a coincidence

The aircraft... Boeing 757/767...

- Developed mainly because of surge in OPEC oil prices... consequence of the Arab Oil Embargo

- Mainly operated (and in the largest numbers, too) by US carriers... unmistakeably planes made especially for the American industry. The 767, used to fragment international markets. The 757, used to fly medium haul routes with ultra low costs.

- Boeing planes with the closest identity association to the USA

This is an attack on American identity. Our treasured icons have been toppled down: our WTC, the center of worldwide finance and a symbol of American power; our Pentagon, the symbol of American 'invincibility and intelligence'; our premier Airlines, a symbol of American imperialism and American interests worldwide.

Hassin Lunsford