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News From On Board The Aircraft.

Wed Sep 12, 2001 11:07 am

From what I have heard earlier today from on board AA flight 11 (first plane to crash into WTC) a flight attendent called from the plane back to headquarters back in Fort Worth Texas saying that the Hi Jackers had taken control of the plane and two flight attendents were stabbed to death. Also from UA flight 93 (crashed outside of Pittsburgh) a man locked him self into a lavatory and used a cell phone to call 911 and got through. He said there was an explosion on-board, 2 minutes later the doomed plane crashed in an empty field. Please fill me in with any other news. Thank You!! Sincerely in Grief, ~DeltaBoy777~

**I ask you to join with President Bush and his correspondants to help America get through this very horrifying and devistating time. Truly this has been a day that will be remembered forever.**
Thanks and Gig Em!