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ATTN: DC9 Experts

Tue Jun 29, 1999 11:18 pm

I was just reading the "TWA's Ozark Nines" article in Airliners magazine, and I need some clarification on the different types of DC-9's. What is the difference between the DC9-10, -30, -40, and -50? Is it all just pax. capacity, and if so, then how many do each seat?

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RE: ATTN: DC9 Experts

Tue Jun 29, 1999 11:31 pm

Dear FLY777UAL.

You missed the DC-9-20 ( special version for SAS ). Well I could spend some time tell you all the diferences but if you really want an advice here it goes! Buy the book "Great Airliners - Volume 4 - DC-9" from Terry Waddington. Its great!
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RE: ATTN: DC9 Experts

Wed Jun 30, 1999 1:21 am

I can give you a brief explaination. But the authoritorian book on this subject is, like CV990 mentioned, the DC-9 book by Terry Waddington.

DC-9-10: initial version. Max. seating: 80
DC-9-10RC: RC for Rapid Change. Can be used as cargo plane at night and passenger plane for the day. Has a large cargo door on the forward port side.
DC-9-30: fuselage extension over -10. More powerful JT-8 engines. The most popular version of DC-9.
DC-9-20: -10 fuselage and -30 engines. It's the "sports" version used only by SAS.
DC-9-40: fuselage extension over -30. Seats another 15-20 more.
DC-9-50: another extension over -40. Can seat over 140.

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Wed Jun 30, 1999 2:31 am

Also to add a note, the DC-9-50 is about the same length of the MD-87, with is the shorter version of the Super 80's.

And the 717-200 is the same length as the DC-9-30, which the -30 was the most sold DC-9 variant.

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RE: ATTN: DC9 Experts

Wed Jun 30, 1999 4:29 am

To be more specific, the -20 series has a fuselage from -10 series and wings from -30 series. The wingspan of the -30 series is a bit larger than -10 series. The -10 series doesn´t have slatts, thats why they put the -30 series wing to -20 series to make it a "rocket".

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RE: ATTN: DC9 Experts

Wed Jun 30, 1999 11:09 am

ValuJet had DC-9-20's. I guess they were ex- SAS.

RE: ATTN: DC9 Experts

Wed Jun 30, 1999 11:52 am

Up to the -30 the airplanes also included an auxilliary rudder limiter. In addition to the "Q-limiter" on all series, the aux limiter restricted rudder travel for flaps 0 and 5. The problem was corrected on the -50 and higher by adding strakes below the cockpit windows.

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