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A Pilot Among The 5 Suspects!

Wed Sep 12, 2001 6:41 pm


Like I said in an earlier forum, the terrorists must had some flying skills to do that, and now we have the confirmation that Boston authorities found a group of 5 suspects, from middle east ( United Arab Emirates ) and one of them was pilot, so that gives the exact idea that they have prepared too well to get these punchs in New York, another thing that I read in ABC News is about the 757/767 planes choosed, if you're type rated in one of those you can fly both, so that's why those models came, now we need to dig deeper about how these guys got their trainning, if they went to western world flying schools to learn that will be easy to find out, if now and they learned in parallel circuits, that is a big tragedy and some steps have do be donne.
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