Western Airlines

Wed Jun 30, 1999 12:00 am

What was it like to fly Western Airlines before the went out of buisness? Also, how was United's service in the 70's and 80's?

Colin Kumpunen
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RE: Western Airlines

Wed Jun 30, 1999 3:01 am

While I didnt have the pleasure of flying Western Airlines, it's service was legendary and well known.

The famous "Hunt Breakfasts" were a feature on their morning flights. They were known as "The "o-n-l-y way to fly" and lived up to that reputation quite well. Breakfasts were a multi course affair (this was in all classes of service btw)..several different meats, scrambled cheesy eggs, toast, english muffins..
"The Full Monty" (G).

United Airlines service during the 70s was exceptionally good. The 80s..well..things went "south" from around 1986 onwards. (G)

I remember the breakfast flights on their DC-8s (particularly the ones enroute to Chicago then onwards to Hawaii-a definite Hawaiian feel to the flight, the cabin crew was dressed in Hawaiian shirts, Hawaiian music piped into the plane on boarding, children could be given a short tour of the cockpit and given "Future Pilot wings"..that sort of thing...).

The service was excellent. Breakfast flights seemed to be the ones I caught the most as a youngster back then..Scrambled Eggs and Bacon, I think I remember Eggs Benedict being served as well. Toast, english muffins, juices, and for the adults; I believe they served champagne the way Western did on it's "Hunt Breakfast" runs as well.

It really was a treat flying back then on most of the major carriers.

Alas for every good thing there inevitably is an ending..

The only carrier that comes relatively close to that concept today is Midwest Express which I have had the pleasure of flying and I highly recommend it. It's more money of course, but I believe it's worth every penny.