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Thu Sep 13, 2001 3:53 am

A Boston TV station is reporting that four Middle-Eastern Man arrived late to BOS and purchased ONE-WAY tickets with CASH on the doomed jetliners. Some 1st class, some coach.

uh, where's airport security to catch this?

Also, the white Mitsubishi Mirage had VA license plate and contained a suitcase with UA or AA ramp badges, crew uniforms, information in Arabic on how to fly a 767, a Koran, and a fuel consumption calculator.

The Mirage had been in Springfield, Mass. recently - and there's a group in Springfield with ties to the USS Cole bombing, which has been linked to Osama BinLaden.

Also, a boston Hotel was evacuated and a room was searched on the 16th floor by the FBI. The room may have some link to the men - maybe they slept there.

some have said we need to get rid of e-tickets. No, that is actually better than cash. You can trace an e-ticket purchase to the IP #, and the ISP, and trace it right down to the persons house. Not to mention the form of payment would be credit card. I believe no tickets should be sold at airports. Travel Agent, On-line, or call the Airline & give your credit card #, or have automated online terminals in airports so you can buy online even if you dont have a computer at home.

some have said we need to restrict terminals to only paid pax. Uh, these terrorists had paid tickets. That will not work.

someone also mentioned Sky Marshalls. Police on planes! What a great idea!!! Get a Uniformed Officer, seat him in row #1, give him a non-lethal weapon like stun gun, and handcuffs and the power to make an arrest!!! I like this. This would also reduce (not stop) air rage events.
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