Lax Security At BOS

Fri Sep 14, 2001 7:16 am

An interesting if unsettling story about lax security at BOS can be found on the BOSTON HERALD web site.

My own experience recently with their security.....

I wanted a drink really bad cause I had been plane spotting all day, but the area where I was at had no food nearby unless you were a passenger with a ticket and you had to go through security.

I asked a girl who was doing security where there was food and she pointed at the resteraunts inside the restricted area. I said I CANT GO IN THERE I dont have a ticket. She said just go ahead cause there is nothing else nearby. So I went in and bought a coke and used the restroom and came out AND THERE WAS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT GUY DOING THE SECURITY and I walked up to him and told him thank the girl for letting me in and he said that he didnt know who I was and that the other girl hadnt told him anything about me!

I could have spent the whole day on the "other side"

In general I think Logan has been tighter with security than some airports I went to. I remember PHX being accused of being unsafe years ago. And at SEA I am sick of seeing guards with the giggles and watching airport people not paying close attention to EVERY bag that gets x-rayed (that must get tedious after a while but hey they wanted the job)

But in SEA Thanksgiving day my carry on was swabbed for explosive residue which made me feel really safe flying cause they were being strict so I guess it just depends on the employee themself.

As far as this particular terrorist situation I think time will show it was an inside job.

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RE: Lax Security At BOS

Fri Sep 14, 2001 8:00 am

I really think its bad that different airports in the US seem to have different levels of security. I have found LAS and DEN to have the toughest security of the airports I've been to in the US. I haven't been to BOS, so I wouldn't know. I haven't been to ORD and JFK in a LONG time, but I'm sure they have tough security.

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