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Cockpit Tours?

Wed Jun 30, 1999 4:15 pm

I was wondering if one can organize a tour of the cockpit of an airliner while it's sitting at the gate between flights. What would it cost? Would the airline even let you on board to have a quick look. I was thinking of going to PDX near where I live and trying this. After all the best part of flying is looking at the cockpit, and they never seem to let me go up there to talk to the pilots anymore.

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RE: Cockpit Tours?

Wed Jun 30, 1999 7:35 pm


This could be successful, but I suggest you contact the airline first rather that just turning up and asking.

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RE: Cockpit Tours?

Wed Jun 30, 1999 10:39 pm

Hi Bryan.

Its a pitty that you guys in USA have those security measures so tight. In the oposite here in Europe we don't have nothing compared like that. I quite often had visited some cockpits during flights. Here goes the ones I got:

B. 727-082QC - TAP - CS-TBO - Lisbon to Azores
B. 737-282Adv - TAP - CS-TEP - Azores to Lisbon
DC-9-81 - Swissair - HB-INI - Lisbon to Geneva
A. 310-200 - Swissair - HB-IPD - Zurich to Lisbon
MD83 - Alitalia - I-DAVK - Milan to Lisbon

If you ever have a chance to fly in TAP / Air Portugal and ask the crew to visit the cockpit I'm 99% sure that they will let you go there!
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RE: Cockpit Tours?

Thu Jul 01, 1999 2:50 am

I don't think cockpit tours is any problem on european airlines. Here in Norway, sometimes you don't even need to ask ,, cockpit crew invites interested passengers. I flew KLM from Amsterdam to Detroit 2 years ago, and asked to visit the flight deck,, no problem I was up there for oven 1 hour (747-300). In march my brothers was on a t/r fligth with SAS from CPH to SEA and back, they was there both times, and on the flight back flightcrew wanted my youngest brother to sit on the jump seat during landing in Copenhagen. In 3 weeks I am flying KLM once again to South America on MD11,, and I'm gonna ask again,, I don't think they will say no.
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RE: Cockpit Tours?

Thu Jul 01, 1999 3:33 am

I would go out to the airport and ask there. If you call the airline your maybe calling the headquarters whose policy may not allow personal tours.

Go when the airline is slow, hard for tours when your checking in 150 people.

Go to a smaller airline. The big boys are usually less inclined or to busy for tours. If you know someone who works for an airline thats even better.

I'd ask a gate agent as they interact with the flight crews and are right by the planes.

Hope this helps