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Delta Captains

Thu Jul 01, 1999 6:18 am

anybody know how many years it takes to get seniority to become a captain at delta ?
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RE: Delta Captains

Thu Jul 01, 1999 7:11 am

You can become an 737 express captain in about 2 years, but to become a junior mainline captain on the md-88 will take about 8 or so. We've got a lot of retirements coming up so who knows where those numbers will go.

Doug Taylor
Delta 737 Pilot
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RE: Delta Captains

Thu Jul 01, 1999 8:03 am

This friend of mine from Boston was hired by Delta in '79 and the airline did not hire any pilots for several years. He was an Engineer on a B727for about 8years and then another 8years as first officer, until he got to be captain on the T-tail aircraft. So, back when pilots were hired in the late seventies it took them some time to reach the goal of captaincy.

Regards, B727