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Cathay Pacific SFO

Wed Dec 02, 1998 5:04 am

Cathay Pacific Airways started service today from Hong Kong to San Francisco using a Airbus A340-300 aircraft.
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RE: Cathay Pacific SFO

Wed Dec 02, 1998 5:13 am

How come they don't operate the 747-400 to San Fransico? Almost every other airline operates the 747-400 to San Fransico from the Pacific Rim? Are they possibly waiting to see how the load factors are?
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RE: Cathay Pacific SFO

Wed Dec 02, 1998 8:45 am

Maybe they wanted the plane to go slower (Airbus A340 travels only Mach 0.78-0.80)
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Well maybe they assumed that would handle their expectations for the time being, Cathay Pacific has some wonderful looking Boeing 747's (i think no other 747 could look better) and it's possible that they are doing what you lead up to CX747. A340 also has a longer range, depending on the seat configuration.

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RE: Cathay Pacific SFO

Wed Dec 02, 1998 11:29 am

BTW Singapore Airlines is also operating A340 services to SFO as SQ 16 in the morning. But they still maintain the B747-400 service SQ 2 in the evening. BTW SQ 16 is code-shared with AA.