Delta's Old Livery

Thu Jul 01, 1999 10:53 am

Do you know how long Delta's old livery has been around? That is one of my favorite liverys.

Colin Kumpunen

RE: Delta's Old Livery

Thu Jul 01, 1999 12:08 pm

It has been around since the 1960s when the DC9 was introduced. I suggest you like another livery. Delta's old livery is hideous!
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RE: Delta's Old Livery

Thu Jul 01, 1999 12:35 pm

I think the new colors look good on some of the planes. I think the old colors look better on the MD 88's, and 727.

RE: Delta's Old Livery

Sat Jul 03, 1999 2:50 am

The old livery with some minor changes dates back to about 1963 or 64. I personally like the old livery better that the new one. I think they could use the old design with new brighter colors and get something exceptional.

I miss the widget on the tail most of all.

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Delta's Old Livery:1961-62 Introduced On DC-8

Sat Jul 03, 1999 3:25 am

Delta Air Lines former livery was introduced on the DC-8-11/12 and -51 during Late 1961-early 1962.

It was basically the same widget livery we all know, but with Delta Air Lines spelled down the sides. On the DC-8-51, the small words "FanJet" were on the blue parts of the widget. Other differences were, the bare metal areas on the DC-8 were -lower- on the fuselage, later on they were raised to the cabin floorline, flairing underneath the nose, along with simplification of the lettering to just "Delta" on the fuselage.

I for one -loved- the older Delta Air Lines livery. It was quite classy looking to me.