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Reagan National

Mon Sep 17, 2001 1:07 pm

I have heard talk that DCA may be closed forever, because of its close proximity to D.C. This would most likely end Shuttle operations of major airlines. Comments or more info if you have it is welcome.

RE: Reagan National

Mon Sep 17, 2001 1:14 pm

If it does close, than it is safe to say you can say goodbye to USAirways also. Very funny how the Justice Department in DC said "NO WAY" to the UA/US merger, and USairways is going to end right in front of them at DCA.
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RE: Reagan National

Mon Sep 17, 2001 1:43 pm

Closing a hub airport for an Airline means a disaster, but if DCA wasn't closed, what will happen to the spotting area behind the runway? would it stay open as usual for public?
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RE: Reagan National

Mon Sep 17, 2001 1:44 pm

no the spotting area is closed
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RE: Reagan National

Mon Sep 17, 2001 1:53 pm

I don't mean to cast a negetive light on the possibility of DCA closing, but if it should happen...that airfield would be a great addition for the Air & Space Museum branch of the Smithsonian Institution. Think of the possiblities of the positive side of aviation. Regards.
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RE: Reagan National

Mon Sep 17, 2001 10:40 pm

Hadn't thought of the Smithsonian in this. National would be a great place for the new Udvar-Hazy addition. IF DCA were to close, IAD will likely become space limited very quickly.
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RE: Reagan National

Mon Sep 17, 2001 10:57 pm

Just read an article on DCA at Two points came out.

1. It may "reopen" with limited service form planes smaller than the 757.

2. May open but funnel air traffic off to the south on take off away from major installations in D.C. (Never been to DCA, but just going by what the article says).

The article also says they moved the planes from DCA to both Dulles and BWI to assist there.


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RE: Reagan National

Tue Sep 18, 2001 1:13 am

DCA was a pilot's nightmare long before this. Should have been closed years ago. I do like the Smithsonian idea. Convert the terminal to a museum, park historic aircraft around the concourses. Or demolish the concourses and build a massive hangar of some sort to display the planes. MWAA could recoup the investment through entrance fees.
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RE: Reagan National

Tue Sep 18, 2001 1:34 am

Why not use the airport for military/business use exclusively?.... toss in a few RJ's in the mix for some commute pax?

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RE: Reagan National

Tue Sep 18, 2001 2:09 am

Military, business, and regional jets are capable of crashing, too, in an accident, or deliberately. It's not the fact that there are pax planes at DCA -- it's the fact that there are planes at all that concerns people.

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