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Collateral Damage

Tue Sep 18, 2001 8:54 am

Please I urge all of you to support your airlines by not selling off stock in them and not canceling your flights. I know that pilots seem to take all the blame because of the wages. Those of you can tell that to the flight crews that perished families. Any how that is a whole new can of worms.

If U.S. Airways goes under then Charlotte, Pittsburgh and Philly are sunk also. Think of all the people who work in those airports. They will be unemployed! If an airline goes out during this time then you can kiss their main hubs goodbye. No airline will have the capability right now to move in to the hubs left behind. What is that going to do to your local economies?

If you don't pay attention to this now then you will later when your ticket prices become alot more than what we pay now.