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American /Reno Air MD-80's

Wed Sep 19, 2001 10:52 pm

Are these airplanes still fliying in the hybird color scheme? I have not seen one up here at B.W.I.
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RE: American /Reno Air MD-80's

Thu Sep 20, 2001 12:59 am

Of course you didn't see any where you live, it's normal. Those are based in SJC and fly on the West Coast. I think that the ex-Reno planes still wear the white livery with the AA logos and stripes, the hybrid color scheme like you say, but they won't be around for long. The MD-90's are gone (where? parked in the desert maybe...returned to their lessors...I don't know) and the last few ex-Reno MD-80's will be gone end of this year or next year at the latest.
The ex-TWA MD-80's are getting the silver scheme already.

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RE: American /Reno Air MD-80's

Thu Sep 20, 2001 1:15 am

The MD-90s are gone and only a couple, if any, MD-87s remain :-( but I believe that some MD-80s are still around in California (as Ben said). AA maintenance staff in California call the ex-Reno ships 'white trash', in honor of their paint scheme and mechanical reliability.
(For the benefit of our foreign readers, 'white trash' is American slang for caucasians who live in poverty). The Reno ships came from different sources and are all different inside, a big pain when your fixing 'em I guess. But for me, no MD-87 will ever be trash!
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RE: American /Reno Air MD-80's

Thu Sep 20, 2001 1:45 am

Looks like AA still has one MD87 in the fleet and 8 ex-Reno 82/83s. The MD-90s are in OKC and the other ex-Reno ships are.......? Good question! They are either parked or on to serve with another carrier.

Only 872RA and 824RA are "out of service" and parked at VCV. Its amazing to see a 10 year old airplane already out of service! But there are MD-90s that are only 3 years old that are already parked, sad.