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Using 777 On Domestic Routes

Fri Jul 02, 1999 1:24 pm

I posted this before,but it DISAPPEARED!

Can someone tell me who else other than UA uses the B777 on domestic routes?
And if other majors do use the 777 on domestic routes what routes do they fly them on please?
Between which city pairs do the UA 777s fly?

Thank You in advance.
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RE: Using 777 On Domestic Routes

Fri Jul 02, 1999 1:52 pm

Ual 777 flights

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RE: Using 777 On Domestic Routes

Fri Jul 02, 1999 2:05 pm

UA also flies 777s iad-ord, jfk-sfo(1 flt.)

AA flies one daily roundtrip DFW-ORD.

CO used to fly EWR-IAH-LAX, im not sure if they still do

DL flies ATL-MCO 3 times daily
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RE: Using 777 On Domestic Routes

Fri Jul 02, 1999 3:48 pm

United Airlines flies there Boeing 777-200 to Seattle from Denver and I think sometimes from Chicago.

Other airlines that fly the 777-200 /-300 on domestic routes are Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Japan Air System.
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CO 777s Domestically

Fri Jul 02, 1999 10:49 pm

I flew the CO 777 LAX-IAH in February. At the time I was given the impression that its appearance on that route was temporary, and mainly for the benefit of crew training, etc. That being said, the flight was FULL and they can probably use the capacity. With the DC-10s on the way out, what could they use? More 757 frequencies? Besides, the 777 is cheaper to operate than the DC-10.

I believe that DL was using them ATL-MCO.
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RE: Using 777 On Domestic Routes

Sat Jul 03, 1999 5:47 pm

CO currently does one EWRIAH roundtrip, and two EWRMCO roundtrips with the 777. The rest of them fly international routes.
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RE: Using 777 On Domestic Routes

Sat Jul 03, 1999 7:05 pm

I know one airline that SHOULD use 777s domestically: Qantas! (and overseas as well, obviously).

Someday, Australia will have an airline that flies to more of the major cities in Europe, and some more cities on just about every other continent..

In peak season, Qantas' 767-300s are full on domestic routes, so 777s would be a great addition to their fleet!

RE: Using 777 On Domestic Routes

Sun Jul 04, 1999 2:13 am

Thai Airways International, also, use its 777s on domestic routes TG120 bkk-cnx(chiang mai)-bkk with 777-200 (daily) TG221 bkk-hkt(phuket)-bkk with 777-200 (daily) TG641 back with TG218 bkk-hkt-bkk days 1and4 with-300 , day 2 with -200 (the rest of the week with 747-400) TG920 (phuket-frankfurt) sector hkt-bkk with-200(daily) TG's 777-200s configuration is 55J/303Y and the-300s is49J/339Y