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Wow! Look At These United Cuts!

Thu Sep 20, 2001 2:14 am

I was looking at the Star Alliance timetable, Oct. 8th 2001. Mainly Sea-Tac because that my hometown airport.

Sea-Tac flights down to 37 a day. Thats down from what is was before on that date from 48 a day.

Sfo-Lax down to 20 a day, down from 44.

Ord-Lhr down to 2 a day from what was going to be 4.

Sfo-Lhr down to 2 from 3.

The one thing I did notice was there was still alot of wide-body flights. Alot of 777 and 744 use on domestic flights. Looks like the 744's have been pulled from the Atlantic flights and put to use on domestic flights. UA #2 Iad-Lhr is a 777 down from a 744.

Not sure if all of this is set in stone but this is what it had on the timetable this morning!!!
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RE: Wow! Look At These United Cuts!

Thu Sep 20, 2001 2:16 am

I saw 5 UAL 744's at SFO yesterday morning in about a 2 hour time frame.

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