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SC And 380 Question

Thu Sep 20, 2001 6:20 am

I have a question for all. I recently read tha Boeing will be cutting it's commerical aircraft division by up to 31,000 jobs. But in a side note, they say that the work on the Sonic Cruiser (SC-Swift) will continue.

There have been rumblings about Airlines with orders for the 380 cancelling them.

Do you think if enough Airlines drop the 380 and Airbus decides not to continue with A380 devlopment, would Boeing quit development on the SC?

I know that these two aircraft are for differnet markets, but do you really think that Boeing would be developing the SC if there was no A380 on the horizon?

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RE: SC And 380 Question

Thu Sep 20, 2001 8:03 am

I don't think Airbus will cancel A380. They invested much into it. I think now it's perhaps cheaper to go on market and sell something like MD-11 did, not cancel project.

RE: SC And 380 Question

Thu Sep 20, 2001 8:06 am

I think Boeing didn't cancel SC project because the capacity its not as high as 747/380.

Due to the recent tragic event, I'm not sure how long will take the passenger to overcome the "fear of flying".

If this continues to 2006 (hopefully not), may be A380 would not be a successful plane at that time.
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RE: SC And 380 Question

Thu Sep 20, 2001 8:33 am

The A380 is already half way point into designing the plane. They are half way from production process to turned back now would be wasting alot of time and investments. If Airbus canceled the A380 developement now they would probably go bank rupt. They have to keep going forward and see if the future will call for the necissity for such huge bird.

As far as the SC, it seems to me it has only gotten into the beginning of the design process. Nothing has been finalized into the design process yet.