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New Security Measures?

Thu Sep 20, 2001 3:56 pm

I am flying friday and I kind of want to know what to expect. Are they hand searching everyone? Are they just going through my clothes or what? I am taking a large amount of prescription medicine with me, will that be a problem?
I am particularly looking for info on STL and IND and if it is different at each airline now, WN. I have always been hand searched at IND because of the medication, does that mean a full cavity search now there...... ha ha ha!! But seriously, is it going to be a problem since IND seems to have been doing this before last week (I swear Indianapolis Airport police must have my picture somewhere the way security there always seems to yank me off to the side)
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RE: New Security Measures?

Thu Sep 20, 2001 6:09 pm

From what I hear, "hand carries" are being severely limited. Thank God!!! In the long run, this should actually speed up the boarding process. Nothing I hate worse than hoards of people with a multitude of bags, backpacks, and packages clogging up security check points and taking forever to stow all their crap in overhead bins and under seats!!

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