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Delta's New Color

Sat Jul 03, 1999 4:26 am

Hi :

Do you think Delta will re-paint all its aircrafts to new color or just leave half in old color and half in new color. I realized almost half of its aircrafts were re-painted in new color while the remaining was still in the old delivery.

Any idea or comment ?


RE: Delta's New Color

Sat Jul 03, 1999 5:06 am

It usually takes a major airline about 6 to 8 years to complete a livery update on the entire fleet if they repaint only when they do D-checks. Note you can still spot some United aircraft in the old livery. Delta started the new livery program in April of 1997 so I would expect a uniform fleet in about 2005.


RE: Delta's New Color

Sat Jul 03, 1999 5:13 am


Of course all of Delta's new planes will be painted in the new color. It just takes a REALLY long time to phase the new color in. Some of the aircraft that they will be getting rid of really soon in nearby future years will not be repainted even if they need it (ie L1011s and DC9s). Less than half of Delta's fleet is in the new color. Maybe less than a fourth. To give you an idea...

United introduced its new scheme around 1989. All of the aircraft just got finished being painted in 1996 (right?)... and still some of the feeder service planes are not in new colors.

So just an idea :) An airline would no leave the old on half and new on the other half forever. BA still has not done that. They are now painting the old speedbird livery aircraft with the Union Jack tail.

... And remember... Delta is not just applying its new scheme to its aircraft, but to its airport space, check in desks, advertisments, etc. You will have a long time though unless Delta is quick.

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RE: Delta's New Color

Sat Jul 03, 1999 7:27 am

Hi! Is it just me or does Delta's new livery make theplane's scheme look unfinished? (Just my opinion!) :-)
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UA New Colors == 1993

Sat Jul 03, 1999 7:51 am

It was January 1993 when the new United colors were introduced. I'm not sure when or if they have finished .... seem to recall seeing a 767 and 757 in the old scheme within the last year or two.

FYI, UA was initially slowed down in their repainting because environmentalists in CA didn't want them doing so much repainting at the SFO base, so they had to revise plans and perform the work elsewhere (ORD?).
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RE: Delta's New Color

Sat Jul 03, 1999 10:03 am

Delta and its old livery were synomonous with each other,both were conservative,problem is Delta is trying to change its image from a southern airline to a global one,a decision I bet if they had to do it all over again, they would not do. The new livery,I guess will take time to get used to,but I have new livery suggestion. Bring back the dark blue, and the rudolf nose,and reapply it on a all metallic skin like AAs. You keep your traditional widget,and yet change your image,can you imagine the old Delta livery on a metallic 757 o 777.I think it would be stunning.