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Gulf Air Quits Peshawar

Fri Sep 21, 2001 4:55 am

Just read on the new look Gulf Air website at http://www.gulfairco.com that with effect from yesterday they have suspended flights to Peshawar.

Extra flights have been put on to Islamabad and already booked ticketed passengers will be re-routed via Islamabad

No similar news from Emirates or any of the other carriers.

I think Pakistan International Airlines is in for a very rough time if the US do strike on Afghanistan - it may even lead them to bankruptcy - they are just about holding things together at the moment.
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RE: Gulf Air Quits Peshawar

Fri Sep 21, 2001 8:33 pm

GF have suspended their Peshawar service for "Commercial" reasons, Qatar Airways and Emirates are the two other foreign carries serving the city, EK already are planning on axing the route as they have decided to sell off their A310 fleet and are not retaining the sole aircraft they planned to just for the Peshawar route, the citys airport actually an Air Force base can only handle A300 and B767 or smaller size aircraft so the A330 cannot be operated there, if the situation in the region worsens than Im sure QR will also suspend the route as will the Pakistani carriers, some airlines will pull out of Pakistan completely and PIA's future will turn bleak Sad
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