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Best Inflight Entertainment

Fri Sep 21, 2001 6:23 pm

I reckon it's gotta be SIA's Krisworld!The Best Entertainment System In The Sky!
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RE: Best Inflight Entertainment

Fri Sep 21, 2001 6:38 pm

how about the mile high club ?
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RE: Best Inflight Entertainment

Fri Sep 21, 2001 7:30 pm

Cathay Pacific's new Stuido CX is a real winner with more than 20 channels for Regional routes and 25 channels for Long Haul routes.

In First and Business Class, there is also AVOD (Audio-Video-On-Demand).

For Audio channels, there are 22 channels with live BBC Radio service...real handy for updated news on what is happening at the moment in the world! Thanks CX for keeping me updated.

Stuio CX also features different programs To/From Hong Kong. This provides more variety than any other airline. For example, SQ's KrisWorld is the same of all sectors. CX has tailored there programming to offer more variety.

Overall, Cathay Pacific's new Studio CX is the best entertainment system at the moment. Try their new Airbus A330-300 aircraft and would will discover what I am talking about.

They also offer email and intranet as part of their entertainment system options. Overall, a 10/10 for CX's entertainment system.
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RE: Best Inflight Entertainment

Sat Sep 22, 2001 1:47 am

CX is one of the best, but don't forget BA and UA. The only thing they don't have is Video Games and only a small number of passengers wants those anyway.

RE: Best Inflight Entertainment

Sat Sep 22, 2001 2:03 am

Actually, although BA offer PTV's in every class, the entertainment cycle on a recent trip JFK-LHR only lasted about 4 hours, and after this the exact same cycle was repeated again; this, coupled with the fact that no news was shown (perhaps I might guess why) proved to be disappointing, from an airline which I have come to expect more from.

The Jetblue package was also a little disappointing, with the only decent channel provided being CNN; however, I was grateful for such great value for money.

Cathay's sounds very good though, I can't see myself flying with them very soon.  Sad

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RE: Best Inflight Entertainment

Sat Sep 22, 2001 5:48 am

Virgin's entertainment is good... when it works. Has anyone else noticed that their PTVs always seem to be malfunctioning in some way?

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RE: Best Inflight Entertainment

Sat Sep 22, 2001 6:11 am

The best in-flight entertainment?

For programming (ie, shows):

United. They just won the World Airline Entertainment Award for "Best Overall Entertainment Program". They have something for everyone – and they remain dedicated to providing programming for people from all across the world (from the U.S. to the U.K., to San Salvador across the way to Singapore).

For overall entertainment amenities:

Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines...I'm tempted to say Cathay over SIA because what I've read about studioCX in their in-flight entertainment program seems a bit more impressive, and better organized, than that of SIA. I think overall, though, they would tie. They both offer AVOD in First and Business Class, Video Games (CX: B747-400, A340 – A330 & B777 Business Only & SQ: All aircraft except A310), and are leaders in providing on-board internet access.

I think one of the other best airlines in the in-flight entertainment category, or atleast one that deserves a special mention, is Lufthansa. They have one of the best organized programs in the world – and they ALWAYS seem to play what they're schedule to say. And their "Magazin on Air" is excellent. For Lufthansa passengers, the entertainment is there to please all ages.
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RE: Best Inflight Entertainment

Sat Sep 22, 2001 8:44 am

Virgin Atlantic, Hands down.
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