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EA And Pan Am Hubs?

Sat Jul 03, 1999 12:52 pm

Where were the hubs of Eastern and Pan Am? Wondering because im trying to verify a flight i took as a child that i dont remember well.


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RE: EA And Pan Am Hubs?

Sat Jul 03, 1999 8:57 pm

Eastern had its primary hub in Atlanta that was used for domestic flights. It also had a large hub in Miami that allowed for connections from major U.S. points to Latin America and the carribean. Miami also served as the gateway for Eastern's lone european route to London. In addition, Kansas City was used as a hub from about 1982 to 1989. Other mini-hubs were in San Juan, Philadelphia, and Houston. New York Laguardia, New york JFK, Newark, and Washington National were never considered hubs, but they served the purpose because Eastern scheduled connections through all of these cities. Pan Am originally had its largest hub in either New York JFK, Tokyo, or Frankfurt. They were all about equal in size with JFK a little in the lead. Mini hubs were in LAX, SFO, and Miami. After the National merger, they officially made Miami, Houston, and New Orleans hubs. New Orleans and Houston were later abandoned. When Pan Am sold its Pacific division to United in 1985-86, it lost its Tokyo, LAX, and SFO operations and concentrated on Miami, JFK, Frankfurt, London Heathrow and even Washington Dulles. It sold its London routes to United and later the Frankfurt hub went to Delta. This gave Pan Am its largest hub in Miami and when they closed thats all that was left.