When Is The Best Time To Fly?

Sat Jul 03, 1999 1:00 pm

Which flights are usually packed out? Is it the early morning ones or the mid morning ones? Mid afternoon?

Ok, Say I wanted to fly from BOS to SEA or LAX

If I had to connect what time of day flying is just begging for trouble?

Also, I am starting to like direct flights like from BOS to SEA for example but do these tend to be packed out or popular?

I always notice when I fly BOS to SEA when I get a DC10 it is usally full to the max but when I fly back BOS to SEA it is usually only half full.

I favor more room so I am wondering what times of day are traditionally the busiest.

Philly Phlyer
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RE: When Is The Best Time To Fly?

Sun Jul 04, 1999 11:38 am

It's not only the time of day, but the day of the week. Sunday nights, Monday mornings and Friday afternoons generally are packed with business travelers. If you are trying to avoid crowds and the day of the week doesn't matter, Saturdays (all day), Sunday mornings, Monday afternoons and Friday mornings generally can be good to avoid crowds. This year, however, most flights are packed and the airlines are making a bundle!

Two bits of advice:

1) Always opt for non-stop when its available. You don't have to worry about weathers or delays that may occur at the middle airport. Plus, the best one stop will take at least one hour longer than a non-stop.
2) If you need to make connections, never take the last flight of the day. [No problem for direct or non-stop.] If your connection is broken, you end up spending the night at the connecting airport waiting for the next connecting flight the next morning.


Sun Jul 04, 1999 9:51 pm

Thanks for the great info!

It will come in handy.
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RE: When Is The Best Time To Fly?

Sun Jul 04, 1999 10:12 pm

I know that at Boston (which is where I fly out of too) the morning and the evening are the busiest times. Ive traveled a lot during the morning and evening, and the airport is ALWAYS crowded, however at midday, the airport is empty, which (im guessing) means an emptier flight.