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News:Virgin Blue To Triple Fleet

Mon Sep 24, 2001 6:19 pm

Virign Blue to triple fleet

From AAP

VIRGIN Blue is poised to triple the size of its fleet within the next two years, chief executive officer Brett Godfrey said today.

Speaking at a business luncheon in Adelaide today, Mr Godfrey said the airline was negotiating to buy nine additional planes already in production for other carriers.

"There's a lot of white tails sitting at Boeing," Mr Godfrey told reporters.

"There's a lot of orders being cancelled and there's a lot of aeroplanes that are not going anywhere and I think we're Boeing's best friend as we speak today.

"We're in final negotiations under a tender process for nine additional aeroplanes which will take us to 27 brand new aeroplanes by 2003."

Virgin Blue has nine planes in operation and had already ordered another nine for itself.

Mr Godfrey also said Virgin Blue was in discussions with the South Australian government about the possibility of setting up a call centre in Adelaide.

Another site under consideration for the call centre was in Launceston, he said.