AA 747-400's?

Sun Jul 04, 1999 6:38 am

Does anyone know why American Airlines doesn't buy 747-400's?? I think that the 747-400 would look beautiful in AA colors, don't you?? I love the AA paint scheme and I don't hope that they change it!! Does anyone know why AA doesn't have any 747-400's??
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RE: AA 747-400's?

Sun Jul 04, 1999 6:53 am

AA doesn't need 747-400's. They don't have the high, high demand for seats that would require a 747-400 on any of their routes...that's partly why their 777's only accomodate around 235 passengers.

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RE: AA 747-400's?

Sun Jul 04, 1999 7:33 am


AA doesn't have any B747-400s because they
simply don't need them as all of the long routes they
fly to can be flown with their B777-200s, B767-300s,
and their MD-11s. AA doesn't really have many flights
that are over 12 hours or so which would require
a B747-400 for the range. Even on their long hauls,
they simply couldn't fill a B747-400 most of the time
as a lot of other airlines fly the same routes as
they would.

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