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Spotting Possibilites Report FLL/MIA

Tue Sep 25, 2001 11:46 am

I'm not quite sure where "spotting reports" fit, I'm going to post in both this and the Photography forum.

This is a report from a good friend who spots regularly down at FLL/MIA:

FLL - View area closed and off limits. (That means everywhere, from there to terminal areas).

MIA - All south perimeter parking areas closed off except the dead end street by El Dorado Furniture
(and Just Plane Crazy) (RWY 9R Approach)
There were lots of people there yesterday (23-9-01)...even some taking video and shooting.....
and a section by the rotation point (when westbound). I saw lots of cars there too.

The "U" Cargo roofs (don't even bother..they're detaining people who don't work there)

The Runway 12 Photo holes.....a few people I know shot there the other day until a
County cop came up and told them not to be near the fence...but he was nice and understanding,
he even spoke to them for a while. He told them they could spot for now, but not near the fence,
but also said to be cool for the next few weeks, and then they may be able to use the holes...so we will see.
We have to keep monitoring the situation.
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