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Who Owns The Eastern Airlines Name?

Sun Jul 04, 1999 2:36 pm

Who has the right to Eastern Airlines' name and logo? Is there a part of Eastern still in existance to handle business such as this? I noticed that someone has registered though there is nothing on the site. Maybe that was done by someone hoping to make a buck by selling the page to a *new* Eastern Airlines someday... or is it a small part of Eastern still protecting all of Eastern's name value?
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RE: Who Owns The Eastern Airlines Name?

Mon Jul 05, 1999 5:56 am

For a short time period, Eastern had an estate which I believe owned the logo and name, but from what I have heard, a private vendor purchased it in hopes of starting up again. In the early part of 1993, Martin Shugrue (EAL's last CEO) was interested in restarting but this won't happen now. Mr. Shugrue passed away several months ago.......he was a real good guy.