YYZ Toronto Spotting

Wed Sep 26, 2001 11:57 pm

I was getting a Canada Flight Supplement at Aviation World, when I stumbled upon the message board. Its a message for spotters and enthusiats to voice your opinion and to petition so we can get a viewing spot at the airport. We used to have one on the roof but I think they closed it down after the Air Canada DC8 crashed back in the '60's or '70's. If we win we'll have an amazing place to spot.
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RE: YYZ Toronto Spotting

Thu Sep 27, 2001 12:07 am

Where was this spotting area before the AC DC-8 crash (believe this was in the 70s, although I'm not sure where it came down)--T1 or T2? Also, what is being petitioned here...that GTAA plan for a spotting area at T-New? Have they done this already?
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RE: YYZ Toronto Spotting

Thu Sep 27, 2001 1:43 am

The Air Canada DC8 fell in a farmers field, just North of the airport (as a result of the f/o prematurely deploying the spoilers).

But, that was not the reason for closing off the roof of Terminal One, which was the best plane spotting place in the WORLD, bar none.

It was closed because of the terrorist hazard, not because of the recent events in New York.
It was reasoned that if that roof was perfect for plane spotting, so it would be for terrorists to get a bead on any airplane in the airport, or using the runways.
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RE: YYZ Toronto Spotting

Thu Sep 27, 2001 1:56 am

It was on the roof of Terminal One. I have many great childhood memories of that spot. My father used to take me up there every Sunday to watch the planes. At the time, you could park your car right up there. I saw the first 747 ever in Toronto. It was SAS, diverted for some reason. Over the years we saw other great sights, and have lots of pictures as memories. It closed down approx in the late 80's...what a shame. I agree, it was the best spot in the world.

Also there was a restaurant on the top floor of Terminal One, it faced the North/South, East/West runways. It was directly above the departure and arrival gates, so you could get some awesome sights. We would go up there on rainy days or in the winter. What a view. It closed when Air Canada took over Terminal One. The last time I was there was in 1997.