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What Next With SN SR

Sun Sep 30, 2001 3:34 pm

The following days will be very difficult for SN SR
The SN business plan of CEO MÜller must be accepted by all employes but pilots are in strike.

Normally after the agrement between belgian government and SR , SR must pay tomorrow monday 125,000,000 US$ but yestreday Corti of SR said that they don't have cash to pay salaries of October for SR employes.

In few years SR have bought some % in SN AOM Air liberte SAA volare Tap LOT LTU to contruct his own alliance .
They were a medium company with the dream to become a world large company with a global network .
Sorry to say but that was a bad strategy to expensive and now SR himself is in danger a very sad story.

SN SR have no choice
1°) a dramatic new business plan with cut fleet cut network no more prestigious route just money route.
a idea is maybe to do route with problem to be full :
ex: SR had 2 daily flights to BOS ( now only 1 since WTC attack)
SN one daily
maybe only is enough ZRH - BRU - BOS.

2°) in a few times join a alliance
maybe oneworld (links with AA for both SN and SR)

Money is rare SR SN are poor sorry but it's time over for dream is time for landing and try to make $$$$$$.

The last problem is that they don't have much time .
Maybe the last day for the group is not so far.
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RE: What Next With SN SR

Sun Sep 30, 2001 3:56 pm

swissair has been in trouble for the last 6 months at least....they will soon get funding from the government.
Sabena, thats a dead issue pretty much, only thing left to do is let them go bankrupt.
Swissair messed up by buying stakes in airlines that failed pretty much...i think

good luck swissair
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RE: What Next With SN SR

Tue Oct 02, 2001 8:00 am

hmmmmmmm who was right.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!