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TWA's KC Maintenence Base

Mon Oct 01, 2001 1:38 am

Does anyone know what will happen to TWA's maintenece base in KC? Will AA integrate those services with its Tulsa, DFW facilities?
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RE: TWA's KC Maintenence Base

Mon Oct 01, 2001 3:49 am

I live in KCMO, and there was news sometime ago whether or not TWA was going to sign a new contract in order to keep the base here. There was news that TWA was going to drop the base and do all the work at STL. TWA signed a contract, but I do not know if American has to keep it or not. A lot of the aircraft are receiving their new paint jobs at the MCI base, so if AA drops the base, it will not be for some time, I suppose.

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