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Scandinavian Airlines

Tue Jul 06, 1999 9:57 pm

Has anyone flown Scandinavian Airlines? I am flying them later on this year
from SIN to CPH, and then on several flights within Scandinavia. What is their long haul 767 service like in Economy? All feedback welcome.
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RE: Scandinavian Airlines

Wed Jul 07, 1999 8:41 am

A friend of mine just told me that economy in SAS is excellent, and in general is the best he has flown with.

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RE: Scandinavian Airlines

Wed Jul 07, 1999 10:52 pm

I answered this same question some time ago. I didn´t like the service. However, I flew yesterday from Helsinki to Stockholm in a DC-9-21(!) and I think that was better. Ít´s a short flight (only about 40 mins) and in my opinion that was the best service I have ever got from SAS. There´s still much to improve.
By the way, SAS is going to retire the DC-9-21 in about six months. I recommend you fly this plane before its gone! They are flying short flights with them, so it shouldn´t be too expensive to try it.