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Thoughts On My LAX-SFO Run

Mon Oct 01, 2001 6:36 pm

Won't make this a trip report. Just wanted to point out something about the quick trip this weekend that made me angry. Arriving at LAX on Friday, we breezed right through AA's security checkpoint. It was the same lazy attitude as always. The only different thing was having to put the cellphone in my bag instead of showing them it is on or off. The folks there were off in their own world.

Contrasting that was the mulitiple ID checks and wand check after the reg metal detector at SFO.

Shame on AA's LAX ops.

One other thought: I really don't understand why the horseshoe at LAX is closed to personal vehicle traffic and why the lots are closed within said horseshoe.

Finally, one cool thing: I really enjoyed AA's 738's. Much more so than the old MD80's.