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Advise Enlist Or Cargo Ops

Wed Oct 03, 2001 12:43 pm

i would like to hear from those exprienced rather than recruiters or CFI's giving unexperienced opinion.
i caught the highlights from an airforce posted question "you MUST have a four-year college degree. you must be 18-33 years of age, meet certain physical requirements, be a U.S. citizen and possess above-average grades and athletic ability. Pilot candidates should have their application to the selection board no later than 28-1/2 years of age. You must be a graduate of an accredited college or university and have excellent moral character. It's also important to score well on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test."
a CFI from the navy who flew p-3's was stationed somewhere in Korea enlisted for 6yrs. over that time flew 1300 multiengine. was stationed for 6months at a time then back in country for 6mo instructing. that would average 216hrs a year or 18hrs a month. which doesnt sound like much.
does that even qualify for a shot at the majors when the floodgates open after the economy rebounds which it will.
i am told to expect to get a cargo job after instructing for 2yrs but who knows how long in cargo or puddlejumping. expecting beech 1900 or embrariar 120 after i get 1500total time.
can anyone assist with guidance of experience the military compared of working civilian. i am only finishing commercial. i know i need a bachelors in anything. but a bachelor in aviation then join military or civilian. i am told i could test out at military flight school already knowing how to fly and test out at the top of the litter. therefore get my pick of jet, prop, or helicoptor.
would the majors prefer large or heavy prop compared to jet (basically type). or does it DEPEND on multi time. all your insight can and will help thanks.
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RE: Advise Enlist Or Cargo Ops

Wed Oct 03, 2001 12:52 pm

Given equal flight times, etc, most airlines will favor military pilots over civilian, simply because the airlines know the training is the best in the world, and if the candidate aren't already weeded out of UPT, they have their stuff together. Of course, you shouldn't view it as just a means to get flight traning for free.

I'm thinking of going the military route myself when the time comes, but haven't decided for sure yet -- still have a couple of years to think about it.

This site gives a first-person account of military pilot training: http://www.militarypilot.net