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TEll Me About AA 727

Wed Oct 03, 2001 1:43 pm

Everybody is retiring theirs... What is AA plans for their 727? The 727 is a favourite old bird of mine. Will miss it  Smile

I tried looking up a post on that but had no luck, hope it was not done before..

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RE: TEll Me About AA 727

Wed Oct 03, 2001 1:53 pm

Well, I just came from AMR's website. Their fleet info is dated August 7th...55 727s on the roster. Some say that AA will ground all their 727s by the end of this year. Others say that by April 2002, they'll be all gone. One was even retired yesterday, per another user on this forum...N717AA. Hope this helps. Regards.
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RE: TEll Me About AA 727

Wed Oct 03, 2001 2:08 pm

N717AA was already scheduled to go yesterday prior to 9/11/01.

N843AA and N861AA were also scheduled to depart the fleet yesterday, all prior to 9/11/01.