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Pilots Rage.

Wed Jul 07, 1999 3:42 pm

Here is an interesting story that I pulled off the wire. Man you would never think that pilots from the same airline would put everything on the line (jobs, reputations and so on) just because someone was complaining about traffic. I wonder what those same pilots would do if something more serious were to occur.

AUSTRALIAN PILOTS IN SLUGFEST: We were getting used to reports of air rage erupting among passengers, but now we hear that two Qantas pilots were recently involved in a fracas at Melbourne Airport. The incident
occurred after one 767 captain was rankled by listening to another 767 captain rant on the radio about ATC delays. After the 767s parked, the two pilots were seen tussling on the tarmac. We're not sure who won the match, but the captain who raged at ATC was demoted to first officer.


RE: Pilots Rage.

Thu Jul 08, 1999 8:26 am

I find this quite understandable really. After you have been flying for hours and ATC screws you around (like they always manage to do) I am sure it is quite hard to stay composed. I am do not like this kind of behavior but I can understand it. Aslong as the pilot knows which way is up. I bet you he will be a captain in a couple of weeks. If I was his boss I would just give him a talking to.
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RE: Pilots Rage.

Thu Jul 08, 1999 8:39 am

I can understand it.. The Cpt making the fuss is right, ATC delays in MEL and SYD are getting silly. The second CPT was right too. Because if you upset an Aussie controller, you can be sure they will make life very hard for you and your airline.