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American Airlines First & Business Class Seats

Thu Oct 04, 2001 8:51 am


Do you guys think you could help me? I'm trying to figure out what kind of First and Business Class seats American has installed on its A300, B767-200ER, and MD11 aircraft. I'm talking about internationally configured aircraft.

Are the Business Class seats like those installed on the B777s and B767-300ERs? Or are they different...older? What kind of functions do they have (lumbar/footrest/etc)?

How about First Class? What are these seats like? Fully-flat? Anything like the old B777 seats?

Thanks for your help...EVERYTHING is appreciated!!

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RE: American Airlines First & Business Class Seats

Thu Oct 04, 2001 11:52 am

I can't talk about the A300's, because I am not too knowlegeable of them.
For the 767-300s, the first class seats are pretty much Identicle to the 777's old ones. Except, I don't think the 767 has ptvs. The first class seats do turn into a bed
For business class, the 767-300 is the exact same as the 777, but no ptvs.
I last flew on the MD-11 about 2 years ago, so I really can't comment.
Hope this helps.
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