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Those Who Have Lost Their Job With The Airlines

Fri Oct 05, 2001 6:42 am

I just thought it would be nice to say "we are sorry" or "thank you for the time you have dedicated to your profession". There are so many people behind the seens that work their butts off and we just take it for granted. You may only say thanks or goodbye to the flight attendant or pilot but for those who make the airline fly, this is for you. I know a lot of close friends who have been affected by what has happened in the past month. They are still in shock as all of us have been. Maybe we could all say a kind word or share a experience to show them how we feel. Hopefully in the near future most of them will be get back to work. You know this might sound silly to some but it never hurts to say "thanks for all your help".

thank you
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