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Is Demand For Regional Jets Strong?

Fri Oct 05, 2001 11:35 am

With the current state of the airline industry, and with airlines reducing their fleet and schedules, one would think that RJ orders would soon rise.

Is this the case, or are the current RJs not equipped to fly longer routes?

A prime example I'm thinking of is Air Canada, which has seen its bookings drop, as well as its reduction of certain aircraft such as the 737-200s.
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RE: Is Demand For Regional Jets Strong?

Fri Oct 05, 2001 11:58 am

I think this will happen, seems to be at some places already. The CRJ can take 50 people 2500nm, so not a raneg problem. Guess it would make sense to put a CRJ on a mainline run that has seen its loads drop off and redeploy the larger aircraft to a better suited run. Same with turboprops replacing RJs on runs that don't need 50 seats.
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RE: Is Demand For Regional Jets Strong?

Fri Oct 05, 2001 3:29 pm

YQTYYZ --one would think that RJ orders would soon rise

Well if they had money to spend, and no scope-clause restrictions yeah I'd think so too, but even without those two big "ifs", would still take a while to supply the new planes, especially the bigger ones, only one of which (CRJ700) is actually shipping at this point (excluding the Avros, that is).

It does seem to me that the Canadian domestic market would be tailor-made for RJ service on the lighter and off-peak medium-density runs. But the corporate and labour agreement structures have yet to adapt to the new product on the market, particularly when RJ families enter in.

So I'm guessing maybe five years from now, before 70, 90, and of course 50-seaters, get fully integrated into the (likely regional) Canadian carrier scene. Even though as you point out, even with 1500 or 1600nm stage lengths it`s already 2/3 of the way across the continent, really going beyond most older concepts of the word 'regional'.
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RE: Is Demand For Regional Jets Strong?

Sun Oct 07, 2001 7:31 am

According to a relative who represents his company with EMBRAER of Brasil, 70 orders (mainly from AA and CO) for their regional jets scheduled for production over the next year have been cancelled or deferred indefinitely.