Whisky While Taxing

Thu Jul 08, 1999 8:30 am

I was just speaking to my wife's mum who used to be an FA in the mid 70's. She was telling me that they would give the captaina glass of whicky on the way back to the gate after a long flight!!
What do you all think of this.
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RE: Whisky While Taxing

Thu Jul 08, 1999 8:45 am

I know of one pilot of ours in the 60's and 70's. He was well know among the flight attendants. They would give him a Gin and Tonic as they taxied in. Also note, a United CPT in the mid 80's. Was fined for driving with excess alcohol in his system. It was the same morning he flew out to LAX.
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RE: Whisky While Taxing

Thu Jul 08, 1999 8:48 am

When the FAA showed up,and busts his flying privileges,I hope that drink would have been worth it.

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